VOLTA FAQ: I2DMI replays


I have a question regarding the subject contest that is scheduled for this coming weekend.
As you can see by my call, I was originally licensed in the United States Number One (1) call district.  However,I now live in the Number Seven (7) call district.  For the contest, should I sign as WA1MPB/7 and not work any other "7" U. S. stations, or sign as WA1MPB and not work any "1" U. S. stations? Please advise.
Thanks & 73, Earl H. Duda


As matter of facts, in the USA, the callsigns are no longer linked to geographic areas.  Only the first callsign assignment for a new license is, but there are vanity callsigns for purchase that are not, and when someone moves to another call area, the only option to change a callsign is to ask for a vanity call.  The FCC will not automatically change the call when someone moves from one area to another, except through the vanity call program.  I suggest to use the /x (in your case WA1MPB/7): your QSOs with “7” area will be not valid. In any case, all QSO done between station in same call area will not imply any penalty or disqualification: ZERO points, ZERO qso, NO multiplier count for that QSO.

73, Frank i2dmi


Tree questions

A Japanesee Ham asked: 

Dear contest manager of Volta RTTY Contest, it is somewhat difficult to interpret following clause of your rule.

MULTIPLIERS: A multiplier of 1 is given for each Country contacted. The same Country may be claimed again if a different band is used. An additional MULTIPLIER is given for each INTERCONTINENTAL COUNTRY (DX) worked on at least 4 bands. A contact with a station which would count as multiplier will only be valid if that station appears in at least 4 other logs, or contest log is received from that station.(1) What do you mean by "at least 4 bands"?  In your rule, there is following statement "BANDS: 3,5 - 7 - 14 -21 - 28 MHz Amateur bands". If I got 1 multi at one band, just 4 bands left. In other words, which interpretation is correct?

 (1-1) If I made QSO with the same or different Italian station in 5 bands, I get 5 multis.

(1-2) Even if I made QSO with the same or different Italian station in 4 bands, I get only 1 multi. But in case of 5 bands, I get 2 multis.

Replay # 1

If you made QSO with the same or different Italian station in 4 bands, you get an extra multiplier 4+1=5 multis.

 (2) What do you mean by "A contact with a station which would count as multiplier will only be valid if that station appears in at least 3 other logs, or contest log is received from that station. ?

 (2-1) Normally first contact with the station in the country is counted as a multi and marked in the log. If that station does not satisfy the rule and that station is the only one contact in that country, it is OK that no multi will not be given. But if there are several other QSOs with the stations in that country which satisfy the rule but no mark in the log, will multi be given or not? NO

 (2-2) Your rule seems to apply only for multi. How about for point?

Replay #2 

Our software does this work: if you made qso with (example FO8AA) you must include it in your log! When all Logs are received, our software will look in the contest-database  for FO8AA LOG. If FO8AA doesn’t have sent his log the software will check if other people  have worked this station (FO8AA not FO8AB); If at least 3 stations have logged a qso with FO8AA, the country FO8A  will count as a VALID MULTIPLIER for ALL CONTESTANT!! If not, FO8A   will not be counted as multiplier: POINT=0  MULTIPLIER=0.

 (3) What do you mean by "INTERCONTINENTAL COUNTRY"?  In order to get additional multi, do I need to make QSO(s) with the station in different continent?

Replay # 3


73, Frank i2dmi


Is a call area (in JA-VE-VK-W-ZL) also an intercontinental DX country and thus each of them gives an additional multiplier? Thank you.

The answer to your question is:  NO Each call-area is counted only as multiplier but doesn't count as a different DX country. Working those 5 countries you can ask a maximum of 5 extra multipliers (W,JA, VE, VK, ZL)  not 25 (w1...0, JA1.., e.s.o).

73, Frank i2dmi


My software doesn’t make any calculation and I cannot submit the CABRILLO file with the points field filled. 


You can leave blank or 000 the field “points”  (columns 86-88)  because the software checks your zone and your correspondent zone for the correct points value. You can also submit your logs without the “claimed score” value. We do that calculation for you